French Terry

French Terry

Buy 2 get 1 free, how does this work?

You can select any fabric on our site. The «free» item is going to be something you’ve already added in your cart.
Like any other « Buy 2 get 1 free » sale, the item that will be free is the less expensive one.

For example: If you add 1 quantity of 100% cotton fabric at
$8,99 and 2 quantities of double brushed polyester at $6.99, the item that will
be free is 1 quantity of double brushed polyester at $6.99.

Another example: if you select 9 quantities of various items
at different prices, you will be charged for 6 quantities and get 3 of the less
expensive quantities for free.

This way, you don’t have to buy 3 quantities of the same fabric to get the deal.

You can choose the quantities you really need for your
projects and still get the deal!