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Reward yourself with every purchase !

Why join ?

It’s FREE, simple and fun ! Receive LT points with every purchase. Points can be used to get promo code discounts on your next order. 

How does it work ? 

When placing an order, you will get 1 points for every $1 spent. Points are based on the retail price before taxes and after discounts.  If you are an existing client, just login and start shopping. Points will be credited to your account. (Points can take up to 30 days to show in your account.)

If you are a new customer, create a new account and start shopping.

LT points can also be acquired by taking some actions

  • Enter your birthday ; you will receive a surprise on your special day !
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • 10th order reward : Get 500 points on your 10th order over $100 before taxes.
  • Leave review with photo : Get rewarded for leaving a review with a photo directly on a product page. The more review, the more points you get.

Everything else you need to know about LT points

  • Points can take up to 30 days to show in your account.
  • Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Points cannot be sold, exchange or transferred.
  • Points can only be receive for the amount purchased before taxes and after discounts.
  • Points cannot be used towards shipping and taxes.
  • Points will not be earned on items that have been returned. We will automatically deduct the appropriate amount of points from your account.
  • Points are not retroactive. Past actions and orders placed before February 4th, 2022 will not be taken into account in the LT point system.

 What are LT points worth ?

1 LT point = $ 0.05 each.

  • 100 points = $5.00
  • 200 points = $10.00
  • 500 points = $ 25.00
  • 1000 points = $ 50.00

How can I spend my LT points ?

Rewards are discount codes that you will apply at checkout in «promo code» dedicated place.

When you will have earn enough points to collect rewards, the button aside from the pre selected discount amount will change from « earn » to « rewards ». You can now select « rewards » , click on the green checkmark button. You will now have activated your discount code. A « copy » button will appear for you to copy the code at checkout.

Once you copied the link, you will automatically receive an email with you promo code only as a reminder.

To apply the code at checkout, simply click on the « copy » button of your reward and then you do a right click and select « paste » or enter Ctrl + V on your keybord to paste your discount code at checkout.

If you decide not to use it, don't worry it will not be lost. You can still use it another time. 

Discounts are pre selected amount for you to choose from. PLEASE NOTE : DISCOUNTS ARE PROMO CODES. Only one promo code at the time can be used at checkout. 

If we have a big sale event with a promo code, you can take that code and keep your points for later, they never expire.

You can only see your rewards when you have logged in your account. Rewards will appear in tab on left side of the screen called « Rewards » or a gift icon on mobile.

You need to log into your account in the language you will be using for shopping on our site. 

If you made a mistake and chose the wrong discount, don't worry, please contact us and we will fix it for you. Please contact us : info@lestissees.com