Jogging Knit Color Block Sweater



As you probably know by now, we like to get our hands on designer's end of line fabrics (also called "deadstock"). We really do enjoy the quality and uniqueness that comes with buying deadstocks. 

We know it's not always easy to buy online, as we are not able to touch and feel all the textures. 

The "jogging knit" is one of Les Tissées's favorite fabrics for it's warmth, softness and comfort. 

Because it's not too heavy, this knit can be very versatile. You can make hooded vests as well as joggers or even cardigans. And because it's not too stretchy, it's easy and fun to sew.

For this project, I chose the "Gemma maxi dress and sweatshirt" from Named Clothing, a company that I appreciate for it's classic and minimalist sewing patterns. 

I am not a big fan of color blocking but I wanted a sweater that stood out without really standing out 🤣. So this felt like the perfect fit. 

What I liked the most about doing this pattern: 

  1. You can use a fabric that doesn't have a lot of stretch. 
  2. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  3. The neckband and the shoulders just fit perfectly.

I had to do only one modification; I chose a more relaxing fit at the bottom of the sweatshirt instead of doing a drawstring hemline. Because I wear a lot of pants with elastic waistbands, I felt like it could be a bit uncomfortable.

It was my first Gemma Sweatshirt and certainly not my last. This fabric hasn’t let me down either. 

I’m wearing this shirt whenever I get a chance and the fabric stays as soft and nice as when I first laid my hands on it, even after several washes! 


Audrey ✌️